Crop Circle Photo Credits



Fort Nelson nr Portchester Hampshire (barley) 10 June 2004 Steve Alexander,
(twin spirals/newgrangelike)

Alton Barnes (East Field) Wiltshire (wheat) 20 June 2004 Steve Alexander
(cosmic bass clef!)

Gopher Wood nr Huish Wiltshire (wheat) 21 June 2004 Steve Alexander
(circles/rings configuration)

Milk Hill nr Alton Barnes Wiltshire (wheat) 26 June 2004 Steve Alexander

Steep Down nr Sompting West Sussex (wheat) 11 July 2004 Steve Alexander
(four-armed spinner)

West Kennet nr Silbury Hill Wiltshire (wheat) 13 July 2004 Steve Alexander
(rising sun)

Brockworth nr Gloucester Gloucestershire (wheat) 16 July 2004 Leyton Cook, crop circle photo courtesy of
(ring/circle/connecting pathway)

Windmill Hill nr Avebury Trusloe Wiltshire (wheat) 17 July 2004 Steve Alexander
(celestial/atlantean array)

Silbury Hill nr Beckhampton Wiltshire (wheat) 2 August 2004 Steve Alexander


North Down nr Beckhampton Wiltshire (barley) 6 July 2003 Steve and Karen Alexander at
(5th barrow/shield)

Walkers Hill nr Alton Barnes Wiltshire (wheat) 4 August 2003 Temporary Temples


Long Road nr Soberton Hampshire (Oilseed Rape) 12 April 2002 Peter R Sorensen,
(simple circle/outer ring)

North Farm nr West Overton Wiltshire (barley) 23 June 2002 Steve Alexander
(entwined spirals)

Normanton Down Long Barrows nr Stonehenge Wiltshire (wheat) 4 July 2002 Steve Alexander

Pewsey White Horse nr Pewsey Wiltshire (wheat) 17 July 2002 Steve Alexander

Sparsholt nr Winchester Hampshire (wheat) 15 August 2002 Steve Alexander
(alien face/disc)

The Sanctuary nr Avebury Wiltshire (wheat) 18 August 2002 Steve Alexander
(double spiral/outer ring)


East Field nr Alton Barnes Wiltshire (wheat) 21 June 2001 Steve/Karen Alexander

Gog Magog Hills Cambridgeshire (wheat) 11-13 July 2001 Andrew King
(666ft ring/maze/pyramid)

Wandlebury Ring nr Cambridgeshire (wheat) 25 July 2001 Andrew King
(Angel – Gog Magog Hills)

Cliffords Hill nr Stanton St Bernard Wiltshire (wheat) 28 July 2001 Steve Alexander

Milk Hill nr Alton Barnes Wiltshire (wheat) 12 August 2001 Steve Alexander
(solar wheel)

Huish nr Draycot Fitzpayne Wiltshire (wheat) 14 August 2001 Steve Alexander

Chilbolton radio telescope nr Wherwell Hampshire (wheat) 14 August 2001 Steve Alexander
(the face)

Chilbolton radio telescope nr Wherwell Hampshire (wheat) 19 August 2001 Steve Alexander
(the code)


East Kennett nr Avebury Wiltshire (wheat) 2 July 2000 Steve Alexander
(the grid)

Strawberry Hill West Lavington Wiltshire (wheat) 18 July 2000 Steve Alexander
(loose linked/ open grid)

Avebury Trusloe nr Avebury Wiltshire (wheat) 22 July 2000 Steve Alexander
(moire/magnetic fields)

Allington Down nr Devizes Wiltshire (wheat) 1 August 2000 Steve Alexander
(tribal shield)

Woodborough Hill nr Alton Priors Wiltshire (wheat) 13 August 2000 Steve Alexander


East Field nr Alton Barnes Wiltshire (barley) 12 June 1999 Steve Alexander
(1000ft + pictogram)

Avebury Trusloe nr Avebury Wiltshire (wheat) 19 June 1999 Steve Alexander
(5 pointed star of decending circles)

Silbury Hill nr Avebury Wiltshire (wheat) 19 June 1999 Steve Alexander
(winged disc)

Hackpen Hill nr Broad Hinton Wiltshire (wheat) 4 July 1999 Steve Alexander
(thin triple spirals

Cherhill nr Calne Wiltshire (wheat) 17 July 1999 Steve Alexander
(star wheel)

Barbury Castle nr Chiseldon Wiltshire (wheat) 5 August 1999 Steve Alexander
(solar serpent)


Alton Priors nr Alton Barnes Wiltshire (wheat) 11 July 1997 Steve Alexander
(torus knot)

Silbury Hill nr Avebury Wiltshire (wheat) 23 July 1997 Steve Alexander
(koch snowflake/fractal)

Compton Dando nr Bristol Somerset (wheat) 16 August 1997 Stuart Dike, crop circle photo courtesy of
(3 circles/rings)

The Ridgeway Marlborough Downs Wiltshire (wheat) mid August 1997 Crop Circle Connector, crop circle photo courtesy of
(the dragon/worm that turns)


East Field Alton Barnes nr Avebury Wiltshire (wheat) 17 June 1996 Steve Alexander
(dna/double helix)

Stonehenge Wiltshire (wheat) 7 July 1996 Steve Alexander
(julia set)

Windmill Hill nr Yatesbury Wiltshire (wheat) 29 July 1996 Steve Alexander
(lucy set/triple julia)

Olivers Castle nr Devizes Wiltshire (wheat) 11 August 1996 Lucy Pringle,


Beckhampton Wiltshire (barley) 29 May 1995 Steve Alexander

Alfriston nr Lewes West Sussex (barley) 31 May 1995 Steve Alexander
(circle/4arcs/catherine wheel)

Telegraph Hill Winchester Hampshire (barley) 2 June 1995 Steve Alexander
(quintuplets x 4)

Bishop Sutton Hampshire (wheat) 20 June 1995 Steve Alexander
(asteroid belt)

Longwood Warren Hampshire (wheat) 26 June 1995 Steve Alexander
(inner solar system)

Cissbury Ring West Sussex (wheat) 15 July 1995 Steve Alexander
(time tunnel)



East Field nr Alton Barnes Wiltshire (wheat) 19 July 1994 Steve Alexander
(the eye)

West Stowell Wiltshire (wheat) 4 July 1994 Steve Alexander

Avebury Wiltshire (wheat) 11-12 August 1994 Lucy Pringle
(the web)


Graphic Art Credits


Graphic art images created by KSZ Graphics – Iain Cochrane ©2008


Other Photo Credits


Sirius Star System photograph taken by  Hubble space telescope Credit: NASA , H.E. Bond and E. Nelan ( Space Telescope Science Institute , Baltimore, Md.); M. Barstow and M. Burleigh (University of Leicester, U.K.); and J.B. Holberg (University of Arizona)

Ickleton, Cambridgeshire: Mandelbrot Set, 1991. David Parker. Science Photo Library

Stonehenge Photo by:  Iain Cochrane ©1997

Author Photo by:  Iain Cochrane ©2008

© copyright of photographs, used here by kind permission, is retained by the individual photographer