There are many claims of contact with extraterrestrial species on this Earth. Such events have been reported for millennia. In our time, many mediums, of all nationalities and differing backgrounds report contact with beings from one star system or another. Individuals report close encounters of varying kinds, while others make reports of their abduction stories (as our Sirian neighbours have informed us in these Transcripts, not all species have our best interests in mind).

Contact is being made on so many levels it is hard to keep up with the pace of it these days. Despite the apparent urgency on the part of certain extraterrestrial species to enlighten us to their existence, it is, at the moment, necessary for the methods of contact to be quite abstract and usually highly subjective (UFOs, crop circles, these Letters etc). However, without concrete evidence the burden of proof will always rest with the medium, or contactee. Luckily, many of them are singularly unconcerned by the halter of proof, because those who are open to the possibility of an extraterrestrial reality may benefit from what they have to share.

I believe that the majority of people on Earth are open to the possibility that ET is out there, or are already quite aware of it (from ancient knowledge or personal experience, include ‘knowing’ – a potent intuitive resource). If we are to finally discover the truth, and have been preparing for such a reality, I genuinely believe that we are now ready to face it, and I think the Circle Makers believe so too.

They have initiated a new way to communicate with us. At least it is a new way for us. Unique from our perspective, the system for decoding the Sirius Letters has a certain rationale to it that allows everyone to see and experience its inbuilt logic, despite the fact that its overall expression is of a metaphysical nature. It is just a first step into a completely new reality.

I hope that you have enjoyed reading the Sirius Letters, which attempts to offer its own proof in its own unique way, as much as I have enjoyed writing it, and that you take from it what you will and act upon it. The Sirians’ clarion call has rang out and they await an answer… from us. Do we want their assistance? Tell them in your own way, they will hear you, they will know what is in your heart if you want them to know.

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