Iain Cochrane
manuscript and technical support, additional research, and for believing in me

Jay Cochrane
manuscript and technical support, invaluable advice and inspirational books

Jeremy Cowan
web design, hosting and technical support

Andrea Forbes, Pamela D’Arcy, Paul D’Arcy, James D’Arcy, Nicky D’Arcy, Missie Cochrane,  Charlie and Riona Cochrane,

Danny Yorke, Noel Carey, Colin Woolford
for love, support and inspirations too numerous to mention.

Special love and gratitude to my late mother Pam and late father Nick

for their eternal wisdom and love.

For sharing their many points of view, varied perspectives and endless inspiration,

I extend sincere appreciation to my friends and colleagues in the crop circle and paranormal research communities, including:

Andy Thomas, Michael Green, Christine Green, Margaret Novakovic, Sally Mudge, Andrew King, Marcus Allen,

Busty Taylor, Steve Alexander, Karen Alexander, Michael Lewis, Malcolm Robinson, Michael Glickman, and many more.

Thanks to you all