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The modern phase of the crop circle phenomenon has captured the imagination of millions of people across the world. Despite countless claims that it is all a hoax or that only a very small percentage are genuine, there is something about this mystery that reaches out to the individual and asks that they make up their own mind about these stunningly beautiful patterns. Crop circles draw more and more people each year to sites around the globe to experience the air of mystery and intrigue that accompanies their fleeting appearance.

By late 1992, I was deeply intrigued by this strange crop circle mystery. Having had a keen interest in the UFO phenomenon for many years before my interest in the circles, I began to consider the possibility that these circles were signs from another world, from another civilization, trying to draw our attention to their existence.

In view of our respective governments’ deliberate attempts to deny us any information about the reality of extraterrestrial beings and the possible reasons for their visits to planet Earth, I found this elegant and spectacular sign language in the crop to be particularly ingenious.

I believe we are being invited to discover the nature of this reality ourselves by stretching our imaginations; activating our intuition; assessing the physics; the maths; the geometry; to make as thorough an investigation as possible of these patterns. They are catalysts to new awareness, with new levels of consciousness leading many people to reassess their previously held views and opinions about the origins of life on Earth and their place and purpose in it.

It was at this time that I located and unlocked a secret treasure trove of information, revealing the first in this extensive series of cosmic/interstellar communications to humanity from an extraterrestrial source. That source revealed itself to be from the Sirius star system. These secret messages – known as The Letters, are encoded within the actual place names of crop circle sites, and these cosmic voices from Sirius claim to be the authors of these Letters and the architects of the crop circle phenomenon. For reasons which will become obvious as you explore the Letters and my accompanying commentaries, I will accept this claim. The Sirians from this point on are referred to, in this book, as the genuine Circle Makers.

Walkers Hill near Alton Barnes , Wiltshire, UKWalkers Hill near Alton Barnes , Wiltshire, UK, 4 August 2003Photo by Temporary Temples

The creative brilliance of the encoding of these fascinating Letters and the strangely abstract system required for decoding them is almost a phenomenon in itself, but is clearly a significant and intriguing part of the wider crop circle phenomenon.

The system was featured in the 1987 book ‘Star Signs: Secret Codes of the Universe’ by the late Linda Goodman, a well-respected U.S. astrologer, whose books topped most of the world’s bestseller lists. Her stated intention in publishing ‘Star Signs…’ was “to reveal, among several other metaphysical codes, a key to wisdom previously comprehended by only a few initiated Masters, a secret hidden for centuries ‘in plain sight’ (the safest place to hide the sacred) and unsuspected by the mundane intellect, long blinded to the simplicity of truth”.

She called this system Lexigramming. The story of her own enlightenment of this secret code, and how she was contacted, commissioned and assisted by several adepts (masters of wisdom) to bring this knowledge to the world, is fully documented in her book. The seeds of the work I have consequently done, in crop circle studies and others areas, since first encountering this amazing ‘key’, were firmly planted in my consciousness when I discovered the magic of this new universal code.

Instinctively I knew that this was what I had been waiting for – this ‘key’. I knew that it was very special knowledge that was being imparted, and that for me at least, it resonated in the most inexplicable way. I had been waiting for this. Now this ‘key’ was going to open doors that we did not even know existed. Everyone has a purpose in this life, whether we choose to acknowledge it, or carry it out. Suddenly I felt like I was face to face with mine. Although where this new path was going to lead was anyone’s guess.

That was the beginning of a long, fascinating adventure – of using this technique to gain insights on aspects of personal growth and spiritual development, for many others and for myself. It is an adventure that led to the discovery of these hidden Letters and eventually to the book that you are now reading. To reveal and share these interstellar transmissions with all who will listen, has become my personal mission. I am grateful to Linda Goodman, for choosing to fulfil her mission, and to her adepti/avatar guides for bringing such a wonderful technique to our attention.

It was the hope of these esoteric Masters, and therefore the hope of the higher beings that they represented, that the people of this world would wake up and see the potential for our own evolution by the exploration of these Secret Codes of the Universe. The Sirius Letters are now offered as a new ‘key’ to help unlock the multiple doors of mystery that surround the crop circle phenomenon.

At this point in time, I am unaware of any other person who has applied this technique to the crop circle mystery in the way I have done, or whether the contents of these texts could be replicated by anyone else using the same method as I do. It may be as the texts reveal through their own mysterious ways, that this is a task that I chose to do, to assist these beings in getting their message out to the human race, therefore it is my task alone. It may well be.

Whatever the reality, my task now is to share this material with you. In doing so, I ask that you seriously consider the possibility that these interstellar communications are genuine, and have been encoded in these crop circle place names for a very long time, waiting for the right combination of events and personnel, to bring them into the light of day. That the messages issue a robust ‘wake-up call’ is indisputable. You must of course, decide the truth of their origin for yourself but before you do, I ask that you consider the fact, that I simply would not have found them if they had not been there to find.

When considering what crop circles are or the message they may be trying to convey, it is important to approach this subject with as open a mind as possible. Much of what you will discover may confound and challenge long-held beliefs and opinion. You may be truly astonished or even overwhelmed at the wealth of information already derived from studies of this all-encompassing, modern-day mystery. On the basis of evidence gathered from both scientific and metaphysical investigations, it is clear that we are dealing with a genuine phenomenon of truly staggering proportions.

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KSZ SolarThe overriding opinion of many enthusiasts and researchers is that there is enough evidence to suggest the creative intelligence behind the phenomenon is of a ‘highly evolved/advanced nature’ (whether that be a singular intelligence or a collective one). Some naturally assume that unless this intelligence originates from known or unknown human sources, it must originate from somewhere other than our home planet Earth. This is a logical conclusion for some, and ridiculous in the extreme to others because, of course, there are still many other possibilities that need to be considered a lot closer to home, before jumping to such conclusions.

This is the very ground that spawned a new divide between the ‘believers’ and the ‘disbelievers’ unfortunately, whether it was to do with belief in a genuine phenomenon, to believing or expounding a particular view about it. However, I would point out that it is no longer taboo to consider that ET may be out there, that it is, in fact, now perfectly credible to do so. The attention of the whole world has been drawn to the reality of a UFO phenomenon over the past 50+ years (despite all the debunking and fear-mongering that naturally accompanies it), and many scientific and astronomical discoveries lend weight to the notion that ET is very likely to be out there.

So, is it credible to consider that ET could also be responsible for the manifestation of crop circles? Well yes, it is. How could it be otherwise? That does not necessarily mean they are creating them but it is necessary to consider the possibility as one of several theories.


It is clear to all of us who have studied and interacted with the circles, that an attempt at communication is being made through the symbolic and pictorial meaning of the patterns (whether we understand the message or not), and by their placement at many sacred sites around the world. Notably, in the South of England, at sites such as Avebury Stone Circles, Silbury Hill and Stonehenge, the sheer preponderance of crop circles appears to identify this area as the central node, the hub of the whole phenomenon.

With the greatest numbers of circles since the beginning of the modern phase of this mystery (increasingly complex in scale, construction and meaning as the years pass), the phenomenon seems to radiate outwards from this very sacred place.

Clearly the links to the ancient past are evident at these sites, and the placement of circles at them, could and probably does, indicate the ‘higher intelligences’ intention to draw our minds back to a time when we were fully aware of the presence of intelligent life in the universe, other than ourselves.

It seems the time has come to become fully cognizant once more with this realty. Equally important to consider is the concentrations of ‘earth’ and ‘cosmic energy’ at all these sacred sites. Perhaps even the lack of it in some cases, at sites where these energies are low or depleted. More on this subject in following commentaries. Whatever the reason, the placement of circles at these sites has fundamental significance in terms of what the intelligences are trying to say to us. Anyone seriously interested in understanding what it is all about, really has to consider the implications of the specific placement of each formation in relation to any message we may derive from our interpretations of the patterns.

Windmill Hill, Wiltshire, UK

Windmill Hill nr Avebury Trusloe, Wiltshire, UK, 17 July 2004

Photo by Steve Alexander


Crop circles appear worldwide in all types of crops and other organic mediums, having done so for many hundreds, possibly thousands of years as research has shown. So, it is not an entirely new event for the world, but the modern version of this phenomenon is leaps and bounds ahead of documented events from those earlier times. What we are dealing with today appears to be a culmination of these early events, into a global framework where it will be noticed and discussed (as we are currently in the middle of a revolution in communications, this is not only a culmination, but a perfectly timed one). It begs the questions though: ‘to what end?’ what kind of message is so important that it has been so long in the preparation?


No matter what your point of view or personal theory may be it is vital to ask key questions and attempt to find answers to them, bearing in mind you may or may not like the answers you find. Key questions, asked many times, include: Can this really be a genuine communication from a non-human source? If a non-human source is responsible, what kind of non-human source? Could it be of extraterrestrial origin? Could these magnificent patterns be a manifestation of natural forces not yet fully understood? (If so, what kind of natural force has the ability to encode secret communications inside the name of their chosen site?)

Is it the living Earth itself? Is Gaia, the Great Earth Mother desperately trying to communicate with the humans who inhabit her domain? If so, what forces are in play to allow such an occurrence? Are nature spirits/faeries involved? Could it be the collective unconsciousness of humanity? Or our future selves trying to send a message back through time? All big questions but it gets bigger.


For some the question might be: Is it God? After all, for centuries many organised religions have perpetuated the belief that everyone and everything in existence is the creation of an all-powerful, all-knowing, Almighty Being commonly referred to as God. If this is such a strong belief among so many, however they perceive their God, then the question would be an entirely reasonable one.

In an investigation of this nature, all questions need to be asked, even if the answers are not immediately forthcoming. So, it is not inconceivable to consider that God is the real architect behind the whole show, if that is your particular point of view. Logical analysis does not exclude consideration of this important point. If Humanity was in need of a wake-up call ( increasingly apparent), to jolt us out of our spiritual slumber, then the God consciousness could do so in any way it chooses. So why not crop circles? And UFOs for that matter – and all the other related phenomena.

They are all mind-stretching abstractions. Quite impossible to ignore once experienced. Could this all-embracing creative God consciousness be inspiring, and stirring into action the products of its creative activities (ET – or any/all of the above), in order to issue that wake-up call? If we accept that ‘God works in mysterious ways’ then the circles would certainly fit the profile.


They are all mind-stretching abstractions. Quite impossible to ignore once experienced. Could this all-embracing creative God consciousness be inspiring, and stirring into action the products of its creative activities (ET – or any/all of the above), in order to issue that wake-up call? If we accept that ‘God works in mysterious ways’ then the circles would certainly fit the profile.

Gathering data year by year, we endeavour to look more closely, understand more perceptively; the phenomenon itself is teaching us how to unravel its secrets. The more we interact with it, acknowledging its importance and implications, the more of itself it reveals to us. Our early learning curve has evolved into a multi-levelled spiral of potential knowledge, but to fully experience this wealth of knowledge, it is necessary for each of us to add our own piece of the puzzle to all the other pieces already gathered.

It is through this process that the bigger picture is realised. The Transcripts presented here are part of that big picture, and in my opinion, are a highly significant part of it. These Letters claim to include answers to many of our questions. They are not my answers (a highly relevant point). They come from those responsible for their encoding. It has become my undertaking to intuitively unravel that coding and reveal their message.

Before moving on to read the Transcripts and accompanying commentaries, I recommend that you read the following section: Insight on Technique for Decoding, as this offers an introduction to the basics of the analytical/intuitive system used to reveal them.


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